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Best Walking Shoes for Dog Walkers


When you consider that the average dog owner walks 20,000 steps per day that equates to roughly aorund 10 miles. Your walking, running or hiking shoes will need to be replaced around every 800 miles (or 80 days). That illustrates just how important having not only the right shoes, but also the most economical shoes is for dog owners. 

There are so many shoes on the market, when you are going to be spending so much time in them, you need them to be comfortable overall. 

How do I make sure my dog walking shoes are the perfect fit?

  • check your shoe size- go to your local shoe shop or running store and get them to properly measure your feet. They may also be able to make recommendations based on how you walk as to the type, or brand of shoe that will fit you best.

  • Wear them in at home first before wearing them outside, the last thing that you want is to discover a blister whilst half way around a long walk. 

  • When trying them on check they don't feel too tight anywhere around your heels and that you have plenty of room to wiggle your toes. Remember that your feet might swell on longer walks so dont pick anything that fits too snuggly.

  • Lace the shoes up tightly and check that they stay in place and aren't rubbing around your ankles. 

  • When trying on shoes take along the sort of socks you would normally wear them with and use them to try on the shoes. 

  • If you have wide feet or problems with your feet (collapsed arches and bunions) choose some shoes that are designed specifically for you or for that problem to ensure that you dont make things worse. 

What's the difference between walking shoes and running shoes?

Walking shoes are designed with the same features as hiking boots such as waterproofing, bouncy soles and breathable fabrics. They usually have lower ankle cuffs than hiking shoes and weigh less than boots making them more versatile (especially if you are stopping for a drink en route). Walking shoes are generally as comfortable as running shoes to wear but don't need breaking in as much, they are less warm than hiking boots but are normally also cheaper than hiking boots or running shoes too. 

Which shoes are best for dog walking?

We recommend not using your favourite pair or trainers, as tempting as it is, they are unlikely to stand up to the test of dog walking day in day out and they wont be much use off-road. You need shoes that will protect and support your feet and soak up the lumps and bumps along the way, allowing your feet to breathe and you to keep up with your four legged friend.

The best shoes for dog walking are waterproof and breathable, with tough rubber soles and good grip. You might want a lighter mesh fabric shoe in summer but leather and suede shoes are much warmer and heavier, so are suitable for all weathers. 

What are the best shoes for dog walkers?

Adidas Terrex Unisex

Adidas Terrex Swift Solo Unisex, Black Prices starting from £66.18

These shoes are very practical and are a good all-rounder suitable for most outdoor activities. The strong rubber soles, sturdy support, good grip and dark colour makes them perfect for dog walking. Some testers found that they come up smaller than usual for Adidas so consider purchasing a size up to your normal size and/or checking your measurements before purchasing. They can also a feel a bit stiff straight out of the box so we would recommend wearing them in inside before venturing out on a long ramble.

Asics Gel-Kayano Unisex

Asics Gel-Kayano Unisex Adult's Trainers Prices from £42.99

These shoes are really comfortable as they have alot of flexibility around the ankle collar which offers good support but also a snug but loose fit and lots of breathing space for your feet. The colour is also very practical for dog walking and they offer good value for the level of comfort and wearability on offer.

Merrell Chamelon 

Merrell Chameleon Walking Shoes Prices from £49.99

These shoes were inspired by reptiles and offer protection and stability as well as being ultra lightweight. They are breathable and keep your feet feeling fresh, where they fall down is that they are not waterproof so you might wish to use waterproofing spray to stop your feet getting wet on winter walks. They have great shock absorbing soles so offer good sole protection. Some testers found that they came up small so we recommend trying a size larger and/or checking your measurements before purchasing.

Skechers Diameter-Vassell

Skechers Diameter-Vassell, Unisex Adults Oxford Brown £57.00

We found these best for wide-fit and they come in black or in brown. They are super comfy and look stylish. The colours are practical and the fabric is good quality, so they come up nicely (almost like new!) if you need to clean them when they get muddy. They can come up slightly larger size-wise so be sure to check your measurements.

Karrimor Supa

Karrimor Supa, Brown, Men's Low Rise Hiking Boots Prices from £30.00

So technically these are men's shoes, but the colours are so versatile we don't see why they wouldn't be suitable for ladies too. These are definitely best for grip, they aren't completely waterproof but are definitely shower proof. Our testers found that they came up a bit small so you might want to check your measurements before you purchase or buy a size up to your normal size. These are good value compared to other brands on the market. 

The North Face Hedgehog Hiking Boots

The North Face Men's Hedgehog Hiking Boots Prices from £86.99

Again, these are technically men's boots, but we can't see why they wouldn't also be suitable for women. Their chunky feel and grip make you feel very secure. They are pricier than other boots in our selection but are certainly built to last. They are made with Goretex so keep your feet dry (they are waterproof and windproof) whilst also being breathable. 

Mountain Warehouse Field 

Mountain Warehouse Field Mens Waterproof Shoes £64.99

These shoes are versatile enought to be worn by a man or a woman and what's more they are also waterproof thanks to their IsoDry membrane (which is also breathable). They also have a Vibram sole which is recognised as the world leader for performance outsoles making them highly durable. These can come up slightly bigger than usual but are good for those with wider feet.

The following products might also help prevent any foot issues when out walking and can pamper your achey feet: 

Best Walking Shoes for Dog Walkers

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