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Best Travel Bowls and Bottles For Your Dog


It is important to remember to take water with you when going on a walk, for both you and your dog, but with so many different options out there, when it comes to your dog, where do you start? We have done some of the leg work for you and compiled a list of our favourites.

What should I look for when choosing a travel bowl or bottle?

There are a few points to consider when choosing a travel bowl or bottle we have highlighted the main ones below.

  • Capacity - how much water are you likely to need? This will depend on the length of walk, size of dog, and number of dogs you are catering for. 

  • Size - whilst this is also dependent on your capacity requirements, what size is it possible for you to carry around with you. Will it be going in a rucksack or being carried etc

  • Storage - do you need a bottle that will also store the water or will you carry the water seperately?

  • Durability - are you going to be using the bowl daily with multiple dogs or occasional use with a polite pooch?

  • Quality - if your considering a bottle it needs to be leak-proof, whereas a bowl needs to be stable enough to drink from.

  • Hygiene - how easy is the bowl or bottle to clean? Lots of hard to get to areas could be a breeding ground for bacteria. Would you prefer something that could go in the dishwasher?

What are the best travel bowls & bottles?

Have a look at our top picks below.

Rosewood Travel Zip Up Dual Bowls £11.29 excluding postage

This dual bowl set is ideal if you also wish to feed your dog whilst out or have 2 pooches in tow. Also quite compact and dishwasher safe.

H2 Fid O Spot on Pet Travelling Bowl & Bottle £10.95 excluding postage

The H2Fido pack contains a collapsible bottle and bowls combo that does not add any bulk to your bag so if space saving is important to you this ia a sure winner.

Lick 'n; Flow Dog Water Bottle 750ml £15.99 excluding postage

This bottle option removes the need to carry a seperate bowl with you as the water is released by the your dog licking the ball mechanism on the top of the bottle. Good for avoiding water wastage and holds a good 750ml for larger dogs.

4 in 1 Dog Water Bottle, Food Container, Poop scoop, and bag holder from £12.99

This is a clever multi tasking product as it stores your water, has a built in drinking trough, small treat compartment, a poop scoop and a section for you bags. A handy lanyard mean all this can be carried hands free if necessary.

Portable Drinking Bottle with Built in Bowl from £17.96

This has is a slightly differnt take on the bottle as the bowl folds over making in reasonably compact compared to some others with built in bowls. Light weight and leak proof this bottle holds upto 520ml.

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